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Leather & Sheepskin Jackets

Women Leather Jacket

Diane sheerling coat

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Men Leather Jacket

Henry Aviator Sheepkin Jacket


Women Leather Jacket

Suzannah Leather Jacket


Women Leather Jacket

Sharon Leather Jacket


Leather/Sheepskin Jackets

With a well-earned reputation in manufacturing and retailing of jackets, we are Australia's number one seller of Australian internationally made leather and sheepskin jackets. With a wide collection of well-stitched and original leather jackets for customers to choose from as per their requirements, we stand uniquely different from other jacket sellers in Australia with genuine Australian made products as well as some uniqe leather products.

Our collection of leather jackets for women include Courtney, Australian made Aisha, Linda, Hustler, Snow White, Barbara, and a lot more. Our Australian made ladies leather jacket is made from lambskin, giving you the perfect look for all occasion. Browse through our leather jacket section for more great products. At Australian Leather, we offer a large variety of products with huge versatility. This is why our products have always been trendy, adaptable, and inspirational. With our classy and trendy jackets, now you can make an unerringly bold fashion statement anywhere.

Our wide range of high quality sheepskin jackets are available for both men and women, with more than 15 eye-catching and dashing designs. With high quality designs and high street slim fit, our jackets are made to last.

We are committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience and top quality products that bring them pleasure for years to come, leaving them no other option but to return for more of our quality products. Other hot products include Walter, Harry, Brad, Irene, Nimbia, Frank, and Collette.