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Kids 3 Button

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Kids 2 Tone Back Bows


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Kids Back Bows


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Kids Classic Short


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At Australian Leather, we have a wide range of high quality Australian made kids' uggboots including the Kids Ultra-Short Uggboots and Kids Napa Long Boots. Are you looking to have your little ones adorn comfortable boots that work for any kind of clothing? We've got you covered. Our ultra-durable sheepskin uggboots keep them smart all day long, and our best Australian made Mini Kangaroo Style Uggboots are perfect for having fun on weekends.

What more, we have infused your kids favourite characters in our print style boots. These printed boots are perfect for family events and we've got a lot of fascinating, awesome, and sharp coloured uggboots collection that are sure to stand your kids out at these gatherings. Check out our fancy and stylish made in Australia uggboots collection now for new arrivals.

Because we care about your kids, we've brought together all the best collections that your kids are bound to love, to give you a large pool of Australian made kids uggboots to choose from. Our Soccer Ball Print Style and Kids 3 Button Style are perfect for summer holiday fun and provide total comfort with a trendy edge. Check out our Mini Bowie and Baby Booties for school-apt shoes as well as fun weekend wear. Browse the Baby Booties Section for more products.

Your little fashionistas will love our wide range of uggboots collection, especially the Mini Pearl Heart. At Australian Leather, we provide you with genuine Australian Leather uggboots choices for both boys and girls at prices and quality that are not on offer anywhere else.

Our uggboots are made to fit and radiate style. Perfect for all seasons, our genuine Australian leather uggboots look great with every kind of clothing style, and will have your kids dashing around all year round irrespective of the occasion.
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