About Us

Here at Australian Leather we are a team of people that work and strive everyday towards better quality and customer satisfaction. Australian Leather was formed in 1982 and established headquarters at the Lidcombe business and technology centre. Australian Leather is a manufacturer of High Quality Genuine Australian sheepskin products and among the first producers of sheepskin footwear and leather apparel in Australia.


Our Vision

At Australian Leather we take responsible manufacturing seriously by vigorously sourcing out our materials, We individually inspect and hand pick the best available skins to ensure our customers satisfaction. Our vision and goal is to continue producing high quality Genuine Australian Ugg Boots and Sheepskin products with exceptional customer care and service, Genuine Australian Sheepskins and Ugg Boots have become an Australian hallmark and staple product of Australia and we see ourselves as ambassadors of Australian Sheepskins and take pride in promoting our countries customary traditions and cultural icon Ugg Boots not only in Australia but abroad as well.


Australian Made

Australian Leather pays attention to detail and craftsmanship and is dedicated to raising the “Australian Made” standards and has gained a reputation for quality and service by using the finest top grade leathers and double face sheep and lambskins available for their products, utilising eco-friendly dyes and sustainable eco-friendly materials to manufacturer and produce the highest quality Genuine Australian Made sheepskin Uggboots and Accessories.


Product Line

Australian Leather offers a wide range of styles and designs from classic to modern contemporary looks that cater to the domestic and export markets with exceptionally made luxurious leather apparel and sheepskin products and has the widest range of Ugg boots in Australia; we cater to all ages starting from newborns to adults. Our Ugg boots are for all ages and occasions whether it’s for everyday wear from our “Classic” range or for something a little more fashionable or glamorous from our “Glamour” range, Australian Leather also has the most extensive range of Kids ugg boots styles to chooses from.


Market Leaders

Australian Leather is the market leader and has built up a loyal clientele and customer base for over 30 years and supplies many exclusive boutiques and specialty stores both domestic and international. Australian Leather exports of sheepskin and cattle hides have increased significantly over the years distinguishing Australian Leather as an industry leader and a reliable source of raw or finished Genuine Australian Sheepskins.


World Wide Web

Australian Leather recognizes the changing world dynamics of trade and commerce and places a high importance on maintaining a strong Web presence and has gained popularity with online promotional group buying sites.