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A Sydney based ugg boot maker industry that has been in commotion since the early 1990s has been sued in a US court. If you have recently come across any Australian manufactured enticing ugg boots, it has surely been a life-time experience for you because we fully comprehend its lineage and heritage. Since long, Australia is the leader in the market for manufacturing of ugg boots. While Australian leather is considered as the flag bearer of the ugg boots industry in this region.

The US-based footwear company Deckers and Australian leather are facing off over footwear tussle. Instead of seeking talks, Deckers has alleged Australian leather of calling their trademark ugg boots as ‘ugg boots’. In fact, Deckers has sued and sought global injunctions over this daunting issue.

The matter of the fact is, Eddie Oygur, the founder and owner of his family business Australian leather, has devoted his life over the manufacturing of ugg boots since the early ’90s. In a matter of this short time span, Australian leather has become a reputable name in the ugg boots footwear industry.

Despite the untiring efforts of Eddie’s in this footwear industry for long, Deckers is on a run to challenge Australian leather pty ltd by a legal lawsuit. However, Deckers corporation has an annual turnover of $2.4 billion. It currently owns the trademark of ‘Ugg Australia. Thereby, attempting to dismantle the market of Australian leather by seeking to cease them from using this term.

Eddie’s business is home to many people with 40 people locally working and approximately manufacturing 50,000 pairs of ugg boots. In fact, this Australian leather house holds the flagship of implying sheepskin first time in the manufacturing of ugg boots. On the contrary, ugg boots are also locally manufactured by some Australian based companies as well. However, Deckers is seeking relief in the form of the permanent injunction while also wanting Eddie to compensate for their damages as well.

Therefore, if the lawsuit filed in the court ends up in their favor, it can dramatically cause Eddie’s business to cease working as well. Since the sweeping orders from a court include:

  • Multi-million dollar punitive damages
  • All of the stock manufactured by Australian leather is deemed to be delivered to Deckers for destruction.
  • All the funds already placed in Australian leather accounts are to be transferred to Deckers.

Thus, Eddie has little choice to defend his designs innovation and years of efforts deployed in establishing his business. In furtherance of his claims, he’s seeking to file a petition against this utter madness.

When will this havoc end?

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Australian Leather Open Letter

The term ugg boots were first coined in Australia. These boots are considered as the national heritage of Australia. They were first used by the earlier surfers during the 1960s. They easily paved their way into the Australian culture due to their ease of wearing and the warmth they provide. The popularity of these boots found no bounds and their popularity was spread across the borders as well.

Europeans found these Australian ugg boots to be quiet intimidating and they got gel in the surfing culture of the United Kingdom and the United States as well. These boots were not only part of our culture but they created tons of jobs for locals as well. The distinguished footwear was exported to earn hefty earnings as well.

However, earlier many legal disputes arose between several manufactures of these sheepskin ugg boots. It states whether the ‘ugg boots’ is an ensured trademark or whether it is a generic term. These conflicts resulted in getting many ugg boots manufacturers in hot waters.

UGG is a trademark brand that is manufactured by Deckers Corporation. It is considered to be the biggest brand outside Australia and New Zealand based in California. Many such giant foreign brands legal bullying has already tarnished the morale of Australian ugg boots exporters. Since they demand the cessation of using the word ugg boots.

Deckers corporation is currently dominating the ugg boots market throughout the world because all the Australian manufacturers equaled only 5.9% of its sales. This clear demarcation between the Australian manufacturers and Deckers has resulted in legal bullying.

While Eddie is determined to fight back with this footwear giant on every possible legal front. In short, he wants Australia to fight back for what was always there in the first place. In this tussle, he deserves the support from Australian parliament and government as well.

In this regard senator, Xenophon has shown his concerns and extended his support to the local manufacturers as well. If he is re-elected, he has promised to introduce legislation that can protect the Australian companies over the ugg boots trademark issue. Since Deckers claims trademark infringement and is willing to seize the company’s stock, bank accounts, and properties as well.

Former senator Nick Xenophon has been the part of the legal team that is expected to visit the US for a jury trial.

He told the government to look into this matter and safeguard the local manufacturers as well.

“This legal action seems as ridiculous an Australian company trademarking ‘Apple Pie’ in the US and preventing Americans from selling apple pies,” Nick said.

It is widely believed that Deckers is the biggest name of the ugg boot industry, so it claims ugg boots as its trademark. However, the matter of the fact is even the manufacturing of Decker’s ugg boots takes place in China, not Australia. Thus, the famous sheepskin ugg boots manufactured by Deckers is also not believed to use Australian sheepskin for manufacturing as well.

It is also widely believed that if Eddie wins this case, it can become the catalyst to a new beginning for local manufacturers.

“If we can knock out the trademark it would open up to 4,000 local jobs amongst dozens of Ugg bootmakers here given that there is a multi-billion dollars a year Ugg market globally,” Mr. Eddie Oygur said talking to ABC News.

Despite all the unfavorable odds, if the matter is properly looked upon by the government, they can create thousands of jobs. Moreover, it will open the gate for many local manufacturers to export their boots overseas.

“If this election is really all about jobs then the major parties need to stand up for genuine Australian businesses and ensure a level playing field,” Nick said talking to ABC News.

Since we know Australian bootmakers are prohibited from exporting their footwear under the ugg boot trademark. It has immensely benefited Deckers as it emerged as a global giant.

Senator Xenophon will be filing a complaint with the ACCC, and will also write to the Prime Minister to seek immediate support for Australian Leather in the legal dispute and legislation. Eddie’s business has already taken a drastic hit and has already lost half a million-dollar, he may even end up losing everything he held dear to.