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Accessories by Australian Leather. Ugg Boots, Slippers, Scuffs, Clothing, Accessories & More. Australian Made, Owned & Operated.

At Australian Leather, we do not only deal in boots, jackets, and rugs, but also provide lots of useful Australian made accessories, including key rings, hats, socks, sheepskin mitten uggboot care kit, sheepskin aviator hat, and insoles made in Australia.

Our best seller Australian made Sheepskin Fur Trim Hat is made from genuine Australian sheepskin and the wool does not shed because it is attached to the skin. Boasting of a unique design making it suitable for any occasion, the Fur Trim Hat is cosy, classic, comfortable, and fits perfectly. It is a great fashion accessory to complement your outfit while keeping your head and ears warm. What more, it stays warm even when wet!

Another of our great products is the knitted Socks adorned with Swarovski Elements. These socks are made from premium Australian sheepskin, with genuine Swarovski crystal buttons adorning the top of the knit, complementing the great look. It is a great uggboots accessory that changes the look of your uggboots in minutes. Our knitted socks easily slip over various uggboots, and can also be worn in a variety of ways to create a glamorous and trendy look both indoors and outdoors.

Are you looking to protect your hand from injuries or complement your apparel? At Australian Leather, we have a lot of unique hand gloves designs including White Stitched Leather Gloves, Sheepskin Bow Gloves, and Sheepskin Double Cuff Gloves that are sure to complement your dressing. Made in Australian and from 100% original Australian sheepskin, our stylish hand gloves are sure to complement your outfit, keeping your hand naturally warm and cosy. The gloves are also waterproof, thanks to the soft suede leather exterior, and the outstanding designs make them suitable for all occasions.

With a variety of quality products in our accessories section, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best accessories for your everyday use. Happy shopping.